Autumn is a wonderful time of year to get into sprouting - they are so easy to do & add more variety to the fresh vegies available at this time of year!  If you have never had a go at sprouting before I suggest starting with mung beans - they are so easy & only take 3 days to sprout enough to enjoy eating them.  There are so many seeds, lentils & beans you can have a go at sprouting.  Your body will love you for it!  I have attached a you tube clip on the easy process of making your own sprouts....

I encourage you to go ahead & soak some seeds or lentils or beans after watching or if you don't have any in your cupboard, put them on your shopping list!  Try to source organically grown seeds, lentils or beans as they will not have been heat treated (once they have been heat treated they won't sprout!)

What to do with all your sprouts?  You now have instant, nutritious salad ingredients, add them to stir frys,  omeletes or even put them in your smoothie!


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