Over half our soap base is made from moisturising olive oil, which is combined with certified organic coconut oil and certified organic, sustain-ably grown palm oil. We source our palm oil from Columbia where they don't cut down forests or destroy animals habitats to grow it. If you are interested to know more check out his link about palm oil production in Columbia.

We then add a range of essential oils, clays and plant butters to delight your skin even more!

Clean Earth Soap is the best bar of soap to gently cleanse and moisturise your whole body. Fine for face and hair, you can even shave with it too. So gentle it won't irritate sensitive or newborn skin. Expect surprising results with dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

Bars are a net weight of 85g when packed and 2 bar, 5 bar and 10 bar Eco-Packs are available.

The bigger the pack you buy the cheaper the individual bars cost, making it more economical and less packaging!

10 bar eco-packs work out at $5.80 per bar

5 bar eco-packs work out at $6.00 per bar

2 bar eco-packs work out at $6.75 per bar

Olive oil has hydrophilic properties which means it attracts and retains moisture to your skin. It attracts moisture to the bar as well so storing your soap in dry conditions and using a free draining soap dish will guarantee a longer life.

 In purchasing this product you help support a small cottage industry.

If you are considering purchasing a few different items please email me at & I can give you a package price.

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