posted 2016 May by Kerryn Easterbrook

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to get into sprouting - they are so easy to do & add more variety to the fresh vegies available at this time of year!  If you have never had a go at sprouting before I suggest starting with mung beans - they are so easy & only take 3 days to sprout enough to enjoy eating them.  There are so many seeds, lentils & beans you can have a go at sprouting.  Your body will love you for it!  I have attached a you tube clip on the easy process of making your own sprouts....

I encourage you to go ahead & soak some seeds or lentils or beans after watching or if you don't have any in your cupboard, put them on your shopping list!  Try to source organically grown seeds, lentils or beans as they will not have been heat treated (once they have been heat treated they won't sprout!)

What to do with all your sprouts?  You now have instant, nutritious salad ingredients, add them to stir frys,  omeletes or even put them in your smoothie!



posted 2015 Oct by Kerryn Easterbrook

This time of year is a wonderful time to check out your local farmers market.  You are in for a real treat as you get to meet all the people who grow the food & make an amazing array of products!  I believe this is the freshest way to purchase your vegies as they were probably freshly picked that morning.  They will be bursting with goodness!

If you are after vegie plants so you can grow your own vegetables there will be seedlings for sale at most markets at this time of year.  Ask the seller lots of questions as they will have great growing tips.

Top your basket up with some freshly baked bread or locally made cheese & of course your favourite Clean Earth Soap bar if you happen to be at the Takaka Market.

I believe it is a wonderful thing to buy local if you can - it is great to know who is growing your vegies or baking your bread!  There are a list of local farmers markets on this website www.farmersmarkets.org.nz or if there isn't an official farmers market in your area there is bound to be a local market. Enjoy!


posted 2015 Oct by Kerryn Easterbrook

Inviting all our customers to signup for all the latest Clean Earth Soap news & giveaways.  Just click on the "signup & win" tab - enter your email address & you will go into the draw to win a Clean Earth Soap sampler pack.  This contains a range of our 85gm soap bars for you to try.

I just received a lovely email from one of our long time customers saying, " your soaps are divine! So good for my sensitive skin. Very happy I found your company."Clean Earth Soap Sampler


posted 2015 Sep by Kerryn Easterbrook

Well it really feels like spring is in the air around here!  Do you want to grow your own salad but don't have the space?  Here is the perfect solution for you...... grown your own delicious, fresh salad in a pot that you can have inside or outside on your veranda.


It's a perfect time of year to begin whether you are heading into spring or autumn.  You can either grow your salad from seed or buy some seedlings from your local farmers market or garden shop. You can purchase a wonderful range of seeds at www.kingseeds.co.nz.  I have just brought their organic mesclun mix to try.  This will produce a lovely range of different salad greens.

Find an appropriate container - something with holes in the bottom for drainage when you water your plants.  If you have access to soil & compost use that or otherwise you can buy smaller bags from your local garden or hardware shop.

So tip the soil & compost into the container & firm down - leave 1-2cm from the top.  Sprinkle on your seed - you won't need heaps & then very lightly cover your seeds with fine soil (not too much at all!)  If you are starting with seedlings make holes in the soil big enough for the roots, place plants in & firm soil around the roots.  Leave space between the plants for them to grow.

Lightly spray with a mister spray daily until the seeds germinate (you will start seeing leaves).  Once they are a few weeks old & big enough you can start harvesting the outside leaves of each plant - viola! you have fresh salad at your fingertips!  If you have sown too many seeds & you have heaps of seedlings coming up you can always use them as micro greens.

Image is from the food renegade website.


posted 2015 Sep by Kerryn Easterbrook

Hi everyone

I'm Kerryn, the owner/manager of Clean Earth Soap.

I have been wanting to start a Clean Earth Soap blog for a couple of years and have heaps of interesting ideas & things to share with you all. They always say spring is a great time of year for new beginnings!  It feels like it has been a long winter this year so it is lovely to see all the blossoms around and that the days are starting to feel warmer & the days are getting longer. 

My first blog is about Viparita karani or legs up the wall yoga pose.  You don't even have to be a yoga person to reap the benefits from this posture.  If you have had a really busy day at work or at home with you children this is a excellent way to take some time out & restore you energy levels.  It is supposed to be the most therapeutic pose of all time!  You can stay with your legs up the wall from 1 - 20 minutes.

I have attached a you tube clip by Adrienne who does a beautiful job of explaining this posture.  So have a go & feel all rejuvenated for spring!  


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