Well it really feels like spring is in the air around here!  Do you want to grow your own salad but don't have the space?  Here is the perfect solution for you...... grown your own delicious, fresh salad in a pot that you can have inside or outside on your veranda.


It's a perfect time of year to begin whether you are heading into spring or autumn.  You can either grow your salad from seed or buy some seedlings from your local farmers market or garden shop. You can purchase a wonderful range of seeds at  I have just brought their organic mesclun mix to try.  This will produce a lovely range of different salad greens.

Find an appropriate container - something with holes in the bottom for drainage when you water your plants.  If you have access to soil & compost use that or otherwise you can buy smaller bags from your local garden or hardware shop.

So tip the soil & compost into the container & firm down - leave 1-2cm from the top.  Sprinkle on your seed - you won't need heaps & then very lightly cover your seeds with fine soil (not too much at all!)  If you are starting with seedlings make holes in the soil big enough for the roots, place plants in & firm soil around the roots.  Leave space between the plants for them to grow.

Lightly spray with a mister spray daily until the seeds germinate (you will start seeing leaves).  Once they are a few weeks old & big enough you can start harvesting the outside leaves of each plant - viola! you have fresh salad at your fingertips!  If you have sown too many seeds & you have heaps of seedlings coming up you can always use them as micro greens.

Image is from the food renegade website.

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