This time of year is a wonderful time to check out your local farmers market.  You are in for a real treat as you get to meet all the people who grow the food & make an amazing array of products!  I believe this is the freshest way to purchase your vegies as they were probably freshly picked that morning.  They will be bursting with goodness!

If you are after vegie plants so you can grow your own vegetables there will be seedlings for sale at most markets at this time of year.  Ask the seller lots of questions as they will have great growing tips.

Top your basket up with some freshly baked bread or locally made cheese & of course your favourite Clean Earth Soap bar if you happen to be at the Takaka Market.

I believe it is a wonderful thing to buy local if you can - it is great to know who is growing your vegies or baking your bread!  There are a list of local farmers markets on this website or if there isn't an official farmers market in your area there is bound to be a local market. Enjoy!

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