Self resilience with sourdough bread

Our homemade sourdough

Hi all,

With everyone in lock down due to Covid-19 i thought it timely to share about baking sourdough bread, I find it comforting to be able to provide for us with this essential in a time of so much uncertainty. Simple skills are timeless and in an age of complexity and technology it is wonderful to engage with simplicity.

Now i"m still a learner with all this and bread seemed very fickle at the best of times, however i was inspired by watching Michael Pollan's Cooked on Netflix, specifically that sourdough bread was all that bread was before industrialisation and that the slow fermentation makes wheat grain more nutritious, i decided to give it a go. Bread making can be intimidating, but as luck would have it i found this recipe which used exact measurement and formula so loaf production is pretty consistent.

The first part is to make your starter, this is your yeast colony for fermentation.

I sourced stone ground organic flours from the local organic shop as with anything, starting with the best ingredients will produce the best results with your nutrition, as after all this baking and carry on it will be eaten and provide our bodies with sustenance to operate at our best, as i heard a farmer once say once say "A tractor will still function on dirty fuel for a while, but it its going to need fresh clean fuel and a good hard run to keep its pipes working"

I digress a little but i think the point is that there's a bigger picture to this than just making tasty bread and whose pipes need a blowout. What is the ripple effect from our actions? There is power in the choices we make every day that will reflect what future we create.forming loaves into homemade banneton

Here is the link for the website of how to, starter and recipe, oh and remember it doesn't have to be all fancy pants, i didn't have banneton  baskets so i used bowls with a floured tea towel liner. Happy bread making.


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